Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Benjamin E Mays H.S. "Senior Moments" Video

This is a Senior Moments video for the Class of 2009 that will play at the graduation ceremony for Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta, GA. All my guys pitched in to make this happen, and the photos were taken by Adam Williams Photography.

Shout out to J. Young for the amazing post work on this project. This class is a group of very impressive young people that are headed in the right direction towards something great!

Song by David Cook "Time Of My Life"

Benjamin E Mays H.S. "Senior Moments" Video from kdygitle on Vimeo.


Nikki said...

so why does this video make me want to cry?

Neka said...

That was NICE!!!!!

Jerome Wilks said...

Damn bruh! That looks like those kids are going places. Great work. Love the video tho still shots.