Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tribute to the King of Pop

Last month we covered an MJ Tribute at Opera Atlanta. The event was pretty tight, complete with live paintings of MJ by some of ATL's dopest artists: Fabian Williams and Fahamu Pecou. Kemit, Salah, and Applejack kept the party people dancing.

What I did with the video was take some old MJ footage from VHS, convert it to digital and throw some filters on it to alter the image a bit. For example, the young lady mentioned Michael moonwalking on Motown 25, so just by chance I had that footage. I cut it in as she is talking about moonwalk then BAAAM!

Sooo, if you have old VHS footage, family videos, or your wedding, just remember, KRJ Productions can convert your video to whatever format you need, just email for video conversion rates. Peep the vid, and comment please.


Manika said...

I love this...I am a big MJ fan...this was HOT!


Hey J this is Rob. Send me and email so I can contact you.