Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Yes, they're here!!!

No I am not talking about the Dream Team... New Plotter Cut KRJ stickers!!!! It's no mystery that I am a real huge sticker freak. So I was sitting back thinking.... I should get some KRJ Productions stickers made with the new logo and website. Called up the dudes at Contagious Graphics and they made it happen! They came out even better than I expected. So I had to remove my beloved Adidas sticker to make room for the new KRJ joint right on the hand rest of my Macbook Pro and my external hard drive. Check out the flicks!

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TOMS for Mother's Day said...

Must say, them are some snazzy stickers! I have been contemplating getting stickers done up for my website, but just can't think of how to design it. Joys of running a Mommy site, our options are limited!

Love your stickers, going to have to check out those guys and see what they can do.